How do I set the system time and date on my dedicated server with Plesk?

As the administrator, you are able to manage your server date and time through the interface. From the System Date and Time page, you can review and edit the time and date manually.You can also synchronize your server time with the Network Time Protocol (NTP) server. To set the system time, follow these steps:

  1. Log into your Plesk control panel
  2. Click on Settings or Server (depending on your version of Plesk)
  3. Click on the system time button on the Server administration page.
  4. To manually set the System Date and Time, in the area below the System Date and Time click in any of the given fields (i.e. Year, Month, Day, Hour, Minute, Seconds) and adjust the information as needed.
  5. Click set to submit your settings and update the system time.
  6. To synchronize your server time with that of a server running the Network Time Protocol ( is a popular free NTP), click in the checkbox next to Synchronize system time. Once this checkbox is checked, this function is enabled.
  7. Enter a valid IP address or a domain name and click the set button to synchronize.


Enabling the Synchronize system time function will override any time and date you manually enter in the System Date and Time fields. It is also important to be sure the domain name or IP address you enter for synchronization is a valid NTP server. If not, this function will not work and your server will continue running with its current time settings.

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