How can I configure remote access for mysql?

Important Notes:

  • This guide will help you configure your server to allow remote connections to your mySQL database. This guide is intended for server with the Plesk Control Panel installed. 
  • If you are with Managed Hosting, please login to and submit an A la Carte' work order.  To maintain security, please ensure you include the exact address you wish to grant access to, as wide open grant all IP access permissions are not permitted.
Getting Started:
  1. Log into your Plesk Control panel by browsing to https://:8443 . You can log in using the username 'admin' and the password that was emailed to you when your dedicated server was setup.


  1. Once logged in, click on 'Domains' on the left side of the control panel.

  2. Choose the domain that the database will be associated with.

  3. Click on 'Databases', located under the 'Services' heading

  4. If you have not created a database yet, click on 'Add New Database' to create a database. If you already have a database listed or if you've just created a new database, simply click on the database listed below.

  5. Now you'll need to click on 'Add New Database user', this is the user account that you will be remotely logging into the mySQL server with. You will need to remember the username and password that you set here.

  1. Now that the user has been added, we simply need to open the mySQL port (3306) in the firewall and restrict it to allow access only to your home/office computer. To do this, just click on 'Modules' on the left side of the Plesk Control Panel.

  2. Next, Click on 'Firewall'.

  3. You are now looking at the firewall options for you server. First you should click on 'Edit Firewall Configurations'.

  4. Now find the entry labeled 'MySQL server' and click on the text.

  5. This is where you can edit the rules for port 3306, the default mySQL port. Choose the 'Allow from selected sources, deny from others' option.

  6. A text box will appear below, go ahead and enter your local static IP address in this box and then click 'add'.

  7. You can now access your mySQL database from a remote location.

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