We are Codero

Our Mission

Simply put: why do we exist?

We believe that all organizations, no matter the size, should have IT solutions and services that are well-designed, powerful, flexible, and readily available. We also believe that this can be achieved without compromising security or increasing costs.

Our mission is to be an infrastructure and technology enabler dedicated to providing exceptional customer service. We provide reliable and innovative solutions that our Customers trust, our Partners promote, our Employees believe in, and our Investors value.

The Codero Mission Statement is intended to inspire our staff, our channel partners, our customers, and our investors. Each word was carefully chosen, and each phrase has a deeper meaning:

  • We are an infrastructure enabler - Our commitment to maintaining a state-of-the-art core network is foundational to the Codero mission. We are dedicated to advanced data center facilities and will continue to invest in data center capabilities.
  • We are a technology enabler - We will go beyond our core network to integrate “best in class” technology offerings for comprehensive solutions. Codero has historically done this, and recent and future partnerships will accelerate and expand this strategy. Our mission is to provide our customers with the technology tools they need for business optimization.
  • We provide exceptional customer service - "Above and beyond" service means taking exceptional care of our customers, and this is how we differentiate ourselves. We strive continually to provide the best experience for our customers.
  • Our solutions are reliable - Partners and customers place their trust in the solutions we provide. We endeavor never to violate that trust.
  • We offer innovative solutions - We develop and pioneer customized solutions that address the needs of our customers. We sell more than bare metal or cloud services – we provide technology solutions.
  • We focus on customer trust - We are considered a trusted technology provider by our customers, who view us as a key team member. It is our top goal to proactively address customer needs, surpass customer expectations, and provide unrivaled service.
  • Our partners promote our products - We provide our channel partners compelling and relevant products and solutions to help them thrive within their markets. Our education and enablement efforts ensure that they succeed.
  • Our employees believe in our products - Our team believes in our mission, our vision and our offerings. We encourage one another to support our vision by engaging, problem solving, and overcoming obstacles.
  • Our investors value our products - Our investors see Codero as a solid foundation for long-term returns. We strive to be worthy of their investment, and to reward our investors with an appropriate and competitive financial return.

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