Anonymous Group Threatens to Shut Down the Internet on March 31

Please note that the hacking group known as Anonymous has issued a threat to shut down the Internet on Saturday March 31, 2012, by attacking the 13 root DNS servers that enable the Internet. If the attack is successful, domain names will not be translated to IP addresses, effectively eliminating the ability for anyone to reach any website after DNS Time-to-Live (TTL) levels expire, except by IP address.

The root DNS servers are located throughout the world and are operated by different entities, including Verisign, NASA, ICANN, and the U.S. Army Research Lab. Note that each root server is actually a cluster of individual servers typically housed in multiple geographical locations to increase fault tolerances.

If the attack is successful, your server may be accessible (because routing to individual IP addresses will not be affected, and because DNS entries may be cached) but your web site may not be accessible (because the attack will impact web browsers and other systems that route traffic using domain names after caching expires). Because the attack will target servers outside of Codero’s control and part of the entities that host all DNS servers for the internet, in the case of a successful attack, there will be little that you or Codero will be able to do to restore access, till such a time that the attack subsides or is neutralized.

Though there is no action needed on your part, we wanted to inform of you of this in case the attack is successful and you are unable to browse the Internet as you are accustomed to.


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