Why choose a smart server for your hosting?

Dedicated Server Hosting + Cloud Computing Technology

Smart Servers combine the power of dedicated server hardware with the flexibility and scalability of Cloud computing. This means you gain the ability to snapshot your configuration at any time, reboot easily through serverportal.com, and connect through VNC from anywhere on the web. We also include free 1Gbps private networking and backups! Give your hosting the perfect combination of reliability, high performance, flexibility, and on-demand scalability - all at a great value.

Smart Servers

Smart Servers Feature:


  • Free Backups for Life with On-Demand Snapshots
  • Easy One Click Scalability and Upgrades
  • One Click Instant Reboots
  • Free Smart Private Networking Enabled
  • High Input / Output
  • Fully Dedicated Hardware
  • Cloud Computing Flexibility

Get Cloud hosting features and tools,
with all the advantages of a Dedicated Server.

  • Free Backups – On-Demand or Scheduled – You Choose!
    At Codero, we offer two ways to protect your Data on Smart Servers:
    - On-demand snapshots of your Smart Server™(s) can be taken as often as you’d like
    - Scheduled backups are Smart Server™ snapshots that occur on a scheduled basis, based on timing of your choice.
  • Fast, Automated Installations: Purchase a Smart Server™ and be online quickly. All Codero Smart Servers™ are ready to automatically deploy. Customized Smart Server configurations are available in our Phoenix Data Center.*
  • Secure: Your servers are 100% dedicated to you, so you get 100% exclusive use and no risk of anyone sharing your server.
  • Great user experience: Easy and quick web-based console access with operating system console access through the Codero Server Portal. Our Server Portal puts you in complete control of your server, and provides you immediate access to all the features needed to manage your servers.
  • Remote VNC: Access your Smart Server from anywhere on the web.
  • Free Smart Server™ 1Gbps Private Networking: Connect your Codero Smart Servers together for increased flexibility and performance.
  • High Disk Input/Output: Perfect for handling your high I/O applications without compromising speed or performance since no one is sharing your server.
  • Rock-Solid Network: Netcraft regularly ranks Codero's hosting infrastructure among the top 10 most reliable in the world. That's a hosting company and network you can count on.

Ways you can upgrade your Smart Server

Smart Servers features require reservation of a small portion of memory on each server.
* Please note, deployment times may vary based upon certain hardware upgrades.
* Your estimated delivery time will be included on the order form based upon your configuration changes.
Actual RAM Available RAM
2GB 1.5GB
4GB 3.6GB
6GB 5.3GB
8GB 7.2GB
12GB 11.2GB
24GB 22.9GB