During unexpected disruptions due to attacks on your server the Server Protection Plan will waive bandwidth overages fees associated to the attack, and reinstall operating system at no charge.*

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Get remote access to your servers

KVM (keyboard, video, mouse) over IP is a device similar to standard input/output peripherals but, instead utilizes a network connection to allow full control of a system's keyboard, video and mouse ports from a remote location through a network. There are many advantages to KVM Over IP, but the most important benefit is that it gives you full access to your dedicated servers from anywhere and does not require the advanced knowledge of command line-based shell access. A system administrator can control hardware and software systems from a remote location without having to physically be at the server's location. You can perform system monitoring tasks and have access to the hardware BIOS which gives you control over the boot order of the server and operating systems.

Advantages of KVM over IP:

  • Ability to inspect hardware BIOS
  • View hardware statistics
  • Upgrade and install operating systems
  • Use recovery techniques should a password be lost or stolen
  • 24/7/365 local access
  • Does not require SSH/ Shell access knowledge

Advanced uses for KVM over IP:

  • Mapping USB drives through the network to allow remote media to be used
  • PXE boot options which can be used in a controlled network to boot off of media
  • Remote reboot connections
  • Remote control of monitoring system

If you are looking for a robust server solution you can also add a server protection plan along with your KVM over IP.

Download the KVM over IP datasheet.