Cisco ASA 5520 Firewall

For advanced application-layer security, Cisco ASA 5520 provides services with active/active high availability and Gigabit Ethernet connectivity for medium-sized enterprise networks in a modular, high-performance appliance. Businesses can easily deploy Cisco ASA 5520 into multiple zones within their network and it scales up as network security requirements grow.

In addition, the optional security context capabilities of Cisco ASA 5520 allow you to deploy up to 20 virtual firewalls within an application to enable compartmentalized control of security policies on a departmental level.

Cisco ASA 5520
Firewall Setup Price  
Cisco ASA 5520 $50.00 $299/mo Order Now
Max. Firewall Throughput 450 Mbps
Max. Firewall Connections 280k
Max. Firewall Connections/Second 12000
Max. 3DES/AES VPN Throughput 225 Mbps
Max. Site-to-Site and IPsec RA VPN sessions 750