Server Security Services

Security threats are on the rise

U.S. Malware Attacks Over the Past 10 Years

Keeping your dedicated servers or managed hosting secure is critical to a healthy, thriving web presence. Bugs, hackers, identity theft—every day, every second—a new threat appears somewhere on the Internet. Arming you with the tools and expertise you need to address unwanted traffic and deliver a seamless online experience for customers.

75% of Server Nodes Are Attacked by Malware

Security and redundancy are two of the most important parts of your server solution.

For secure connections and data integrity, Utilize server security services protecting your online business today and far into the future. Learn more about customized firewall management and advice on selecting the right SSL certificate to meet your needs.

Predicted Increase in Network Attacks 2016

  • Cisco Firewall Hardware

    Firewall Services

    • Dedicated and fully-managed
    • Port blocking & packet inspection
    • VPN configuration management
    • Best-in-class hardware
    • Up to 12,000 connections/sec
    • Up to 450 Mbp/sec bandwidth
    • Up to 280,000 connections
    • Cisco ASA 5505, 5510 and 5520