Lucy Madison
Tutor For Good
At Tutor for Good, we provide free online math tutoring to students, regardless of grade level or household income. Because we serve a variety of individuals, we require a host with a stable, scalable infrastructure, and 100% uptime.

Prior to using Codero, we were using two separate shared hosting and dedicated hosting services. Although the shared host had decent customer service, they were lacking in terms of scalabiity. They did not offer dedicated hosting, and when we inquired, informed us that they did not plan on doing so in the future. Meanwhile, our dedicated host was lacking in terms of customer serice, and quality. Everytime we called, there was a 10 minute wait and the techs were inexperienced.

The tipping point for us was when our servers got attacked by a malicious, unknown force. We consulted a technology expert who suggested that we try Codero. Switching to Codero was a refreshing change that has impacted our business for the better. The speed and performance of their servers has enabled us to increase our teaching base and provide students with increased storage space for their online tutoring sessions. We have enjoyed Codero's easy to use interface We also appreciate that Codero's technicians are willing to perform additional services that our previous provider would have charged us extra for.

Thanks Codero for being so reliable and secure. We trust that you will continue to do so in the future!