Samuel Knowlton
inLeague LLC
If you've heard of or seen Waiting for Superman or The Lottery, the admissions lottery for the largest charter school network in NYC - that used to be held in the National Guard Armory back when they had 2 or 3 schools and took all afternoon - now happens on two Codero servers and takes about forty seconds for 18 schools and about fifteen thousand applicants.

Because we primarily serve non-profits and schools, we have to keep our operating costs as low as possible without sacrificing quality or technical resources, and one of the most critical components of that formula for inLeague is Codero.

In any small business, the staff has to be proficient at wearing many hats: as the owner I have taken turns as accountant, programmer, salesman, and (worst of all) IT guy. Relying on Codero to handle our hardware and network backbone enables us to focus on our product. When you're starting off without any seed money or investors and you have to keep the lights on solely with what you're bringing in, securing dedicated servers for one thousand and not several thousand dollars a year makes all the difference.