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These white papers are written with you in mind. Industry, product and business experts spend the time you don't have to conduct in-depth analysis and produce an easy-to-read guide helping you leverage your business' growth. Topics are chosen by issue complexity and the relevancy and importance of the information to our partners. Let us know what you think is important and that could turn into our next whitepaper! Each white paper is free and can be downloaded by clicking the links below.

  • Spend Less While Improving Data Protection

    Data protection solutions can be compromised in many ways: from stolen or misplaced backup tapes, to accidental deletions and natural disasters. This white paper explains how to keep costs contained while you enhance your data protection capabilities. Discover how you can ensure your data is properly backed up in a timely way; how you can easily recover your data faster; and how to comply with government regulations.

  • Dollars and Sense of Online Backup

    IT professionals face more challenges than ever before to keep costs in check as they support customers who demand data access and are intolerant of downtime. Regulatory and economic conditions are further driving businesses to implement reliable backup processes to protect business-critical data. Find out if online backup is really more cost-effective than traditional methods. Learn how EVault can provide businesses with a solution that fits their needs while realizing significant cost-savings.

  • What is PCI Compliance and how do I attain it?

    Exponential growth in ecommerce—online sales are now growing four times faster than offline sales—has led to an increase in credit card information stored and transmitted across the Internet over the past decade. This large, decentralized repository of cardholder data also represents a growing set of risks for credit card issuers, financial institutions and merchants accepting payments via the web. As a result, the payment card industry has formalized its processes in response to the growing instances of security breaches due to compromised cardholder information.

  • How Much is Your Hosting Really Costing You?

    Managed hosting is a concept designed to offer small-to-medium-sized businesses a cost-effective server-management solution- through ongoing security updates, OS patches, server monitoring, DNS management and much more. Find out if managed hosting is right for your business by learning more about the concept, the different features and plans, the benefits each offers and specifically what questions you need to ask before you buy.


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