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Your business transfers or stores payment cardholder information and needs to comply with strict Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) regarding your network, physical environment and security control policies. Simplify your PCI DSS efforts by hosting your servers in a secure physical environment. All servers requiring compliance are placed in a locked-down PCI space with increased security meeting required access control measures. On-site Cisco ASA firewalls help you attain your Record of Compliance (ROC) faster so you can focus on your revenue-generating activities.

Mobile commerce companies are looking for Type II standards for their hosting solutions without the capital expenditures and operational expense of collocation. We chose Codero because of their rigorous business process standards and because they can offer us PCI compliant infrastructure management for a fraction of the cost of owning our own equipment and data center.

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Are you looking for a PCI compliant environment? Add it to your server for $25 per month.

PCI Compliant Environment

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Whitepaper: Your Guide to PCI Compliance

The whitepaper below provides an introduction to PCI DSS and reveals what steps need to be taken by merchants to meet compliance standards. In addition, it addresses when to look for standard updates, how to find a QSA or ASV, and identifies other expert PCI DSS resources.

  • History of PCI DSS: Learn the purpose of PCI DSS supported by prominent data breaches to date
  • Non-Compliance: Identify the consequences, which include steep fines, vulnerabilities, overall agreement termination
  • Self-Assessment Questionnaire: Find out which is applicable to you by validation type
  • Resource Bank: Go straight to the source: PCI SSC, acquirers, industry think tanks, payment card companies
  •   "What is PCI Compliance and how do I attain it?" (PDF)
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