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Improve Network Performance

For two or more dedicated servers, Codero Private LAN allows you to secure and share data within an isolated environment to fully optimize site traffic and transactions. No virtualization required, this secondary network physically separates inter-server data transfers from public Internet traffic to maximize the performance of your dedicated servers.

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Private LAN | A private network

Private Networking Solutions:

  • Secure Data Transfers: Transmit private data and applications reliably
  • Synchronize Multiple Servers: Maximize bandwidth for load balancing
  • Upgrade Performance: Increase Internet download/upload connection speeds

Designed to safeguard and streamline your Codero private server network:

Plans Setup Fee Price
1 Gbps (per server) $30.00 $20.00/mo

Private Networking can improve your bandwidth efficiency and also offers a new level of security. Other benefits include:

  • Secure Traffic: helps segregate public from private traffic so external parties cannot access the server.
  • Server administrators: gain peace of mind from being able to securely transfer data with no sacrifice in public bandwidth.
  • Maximize performance: of your dedicated servers.
  • Improve response time: speed up downloading and uploading connection times.

Network services can eliminate the chance that business productivity and revenues suffer if a mission-critical resource fails. Take full advantage of load balancer solutions to meet redundant, high-availability hosting requirements. Optimize the speed and capacity of your dedicated servers through private networking.

Add managed firewall to defend against security threats and ensure availability. Managed hosting includes the option to customize your Load Balancing set-up and configuration.

Ensure business continuity by adding an Advanced Disaster Recovery Plan from Codero to help mitigate the risk of downtime.

Download the Private LAN datasheet.

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