What SSL do I need to secure my site?

Codero does not currently offer SSL certificates but this is a basic guide on which one would best suit you and your domain(s).

Standard SSL

This is your best fit when you only have one site or one subdomain.

Wildcard SSL

A great fit when you have multiple sub-domains such as test.example.com, test2.example.com, test3.example.com as a Standard SSL will not cover all of these sub-domains. A Wildcard SSL covers every sub-domain that you can create.

What if I Multiple Domain Names

If your company or organization needs to cover multiple domains with one SSL certificate such as a .com,.org, .net. A Unified Communication SSL can be purchased with your Standard, Wildcard or Organization SSL to meet these needs

Different Levels of SSL Validation

Standard and Wildcard SSL certificates do more then secure your site, they also demonstrate that you have the right to use a domain name, as far as the certificate authority that issued the certificate can tell.

Organization SSL shows that your company has been reviewed by the certificate authority and provides a Secure Site Seal which is visible in a browser.

Extended Validation makes your Validation even more visible by changing the address bar in the browser green and displaying the company's name in the right side of the address bar.

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