How to install mytop for database performance monitoring:

Mytop is a handy command line tool you can use to monitor queries on a single database. This can be helpful in troubleshooting slow mysql queries or identifying queries that are stuck open so you can optimize your code.

To install on Centos:

yum install mytop

To install on Ubuntu:

apt-get install mytop

To run the mytop program type the following:

mytop --prompt

you will be prompted for the mysql root password

If you would like to monitor specific database, then use the -d option as shown below. For example the below command will monitor database wordpress.

mytop --prompt -d wordpress

To specify a specific user for mysql use the -u flag

mytop -u admin -d wordpress

Mytop is a very helpful tool in troubleshooting mysql queries. It has a capability to show large amounts of information on the screen and has many keyboard shortcuts as well. For more information check out the man page for mytop.  

man mytop

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