What are Codero Smart Servers and what are the benefits?

Codero Smart Server

What are Codero Smart Servers?

A Codero Smart Server is a single-tenant virtualized server instance on dedicated hardware that is scaled 1:1 to support the resource needs of the VM.


What are the advantages of Codero Smart Servers over Codero Dedicated Servers? 

Answer: Quick deploy, snapshots and easy migration

  • Codero Smart Servers are virtualized servers with dedicated hardware. This allows for quick deployment, which is why Codero Smart Servers are typically ready for use within 1 hour of ordering.
  • Smart Servers offer the capability to schedule and take snapshots of the entire server, stored at no cost to you.
    How to create a snapshot backup from your Smart Server

Ideal Use Cases

  • Web Head - Front End webserver, usually clustered, load balanced and connected to a database cluster for high availability web hosting.
  • Single Server Webhosting - LAMP/WAMP with control panel. (i.e Plesk, WHM/cPanel, Webmin, ISPConfig for example)
  • Large Compute Node - A single "system" in a cluster of many systems. This could be a classical desktop or server system, a VM, a single blade in a blade server arrangement, or a single repeating unit in a supercomputer such as NASA's PLEIADES SuperComputer. Each node runs its own instance of an operating system, and is connected to the cluster via fast network connections.
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