How do I create/edit DNS records if I use Codero's Name Servers?


Note: This article applies only if you are hosting DNS on the Codero Name Servers (,

Create a DNS Zone for your domain name.

1.) Log in to with your client ID and password. Select Services > DNS Management from the drop-down menu.


2.) From the DNS Management screen, click the Add Domains button.


3.) In the Add a Domain window, enter the domain name in the Domain Name text field, then click the Create button. When adding a domain name, use only the root domain (without WWW).

  • If adding multiple domain names at one time, separate each domain to its own line by pressing the Enter key.


4.) After clicking the Create button, the DNS zone will be created for your domain name. You will be immediately prompted to add the DNS records for the newly added domain. If you know the IP address for the new domain, you can add the resource records.

Adding DNS Records

  • You can add multiple DNS records when creating your domain in by clicking on the Add Record button..


Adding an A(Address) Record

5.) To set an A record, set the record type in the Type dropdown, then set the @ symbol in the Name field, as the @ symbol is the DNS placeholder for the domain name itself.

Now set the IP address that was provided with your server in the Value field.


Adding a CNAME Record

6.) To create a CNAME record, set the record type in the Type dropdown. Add the * symbol in the Name field. Add your domain name in the Value field. Remember to add the trailing period after the domain name.

  • The * symbol is known as the "wildcard" character and will allow to resolve. The * can be replaced with www or any other alias you would like to set.

Adding an MX (Mail eXchange) Record

7.) To create the MX record, set the record type in the Type dropdown. Add your MX record in the Value field. In this case, the Name field will remain blank. ( would be used if you host email on your server. This may be different if you host mail elsewhere. Check with your email provider for the correct MX records.)

  • You may notice after adding the MX record, the value simply shows "mail" instead of


After you have added the ACNAME and MX records, click Create Records to save the records, and you’re done!

*After creating or changing a zone record, please allow between 12 – 24 hours for the changes to propagate. DNS Changes are not immediate.


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