How to add additional contacts in

1. To add more contacts to an existing Codero account please login to

2. Put your mouse over "Profile", this should show a drop down menu and in that menu click on "Contacts".

3. When the next page loads, click on "Add Contacts".

4. This should open a box with fields to fill out with information on the new contact. Required items are name, email, username, and password. The username and password provided will be what they use to log into

5. After you have filled out the fields, you would then click "Create Contact" which would refresh the box to the page that allows you to set the permissions for that contact.

6. On this page you would expand the sections and give or deny permissions by clicking on the "Allow" or "Disallow" button to the right of the individual item.


Please keep in mind that if the additional contact were to need to contact support then we will still require the security passphrase so that we can verify that they are allowed access to the account. This can only be set under the primary account and in by going to Profile, then clicking on "My Profile" from the drop down menu and then selecting "Update Passphrase".



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