How to view or edit my server’s password

How to view or edit my server’s password

Log into

Log into using your Codero Client ID as the username and your assigned password.


Access the Services Selection Page

Click Services > My Services from the top menu bar.


Click Options

Click the “Options” button (looks like a magnifying glass) adjacent to the plan(s) you wish to access.


Show Password

Scroll down to the “About this service” section.  In the right column, you will see an option for DS Password.

To view the current saved password, click Show

If your passwords utilize special characters (‘?’, ‘$’, ‘&’, etc.), your password may not display in the form correctly. If your password shows up as %xx where xx is 2 characters represented by 0-9 and A-F, utilize the Edit button to view instead.

To store a new password, click Edit


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