How do I cancel my VM?

To cancel your VM, simply log into and select Services > Cloud and launch the Cloud Portal.  Under the Instances tab, choose the VM you wish to cancel and Stop it.  To cancel the VM, Destroy the VM.

Once you destroy your VM, your VM is cancelled and billing will cease.  If you have selected a monthly plan, a pro-rata account credit will automatically be placed on your Codero account for future use.  Codero does not refund payments received, but you can use your account credit anytime in the future on any Codero service.

Please note that once you destroy a VM, all data becomes inaccessible.  Codero is unable to bring back a destroyed VM.

Please note that secondary storage is not cancelled when you destroy a VM.  If you wish to cancel your secondary storage, you must delete all templates and snapshots you have created in Codero Cloud Portal.

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