How do I cancel a service?

How do I cancel a service?

  1. Log in to your Codero Server Portal at

  2. In the top navigation bar, hover over "Services" and select “My Services

  3. Click the "Options" button for the plan you’d like to close

  4. Under the “About this service” section, click on the word “here” in “click here to cancel”

  5. Complete the required steps to cancel your plan. Please don’t forget to provide a reason for cancelling. 


Important notes:

  • Codero requires cancellation 7 days prior the date of renewal, in accordance with our Terms of Service. Cancellations become effective after a billing term ends. 
  • Codero does not charge for partial terms, and does not offer refunds or credits.  As such, if you are renewing in less than 7 days for a longer term but know you will be cancelling, you should change your billing term to monthly so that when you submit your cancellation request, you will only be responsible for paying through the end of the next month's billing term.
  • If you forget to cancel your service before the renewal date, and you are on a billing term beyond monthly, please open a ticket via server portal within 7 days of the last renewal date so that we can convert your account to monthly for you. 
  • All cancellations are subject to the "Terms and Terminations" listed in the Terms of Service.


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