How can I submit payment via Paypal?

To create a Paypal subscription that will automatically pay your Codero invoice on your due date, click the “Pay now” button next to the due invoice, and select “Paypal” as  the payment method. You will then be redirected to Paypal’s page to complete the subscription.

If the “Paypal” option is not available, please contact us at 866-2-CODERO.

To submit a onetime payment via Pay Pal, please send the payment to the following address:


If you are an existing customer, please be sure to send the payment from the email address Codero has on file, to ensure the quick and proper posting of funds.

Please be advised that payments received from unrecognized email addresses may take 24-48 hours to post.

If sending a Paypal e-check, the funds will not be posted until the check clears.


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