Can I change my billing term?

If you decide you would like to change your billing term, you need to submit your request to our billing department at least five (5) days in advance of your renewal date, and the change in term will become effective upon your renewal date.  Codero does not allow mid-term changes to the billing frequency.

If you elect to change your payment term at a time that is not within the Conversion Window (defined below), (a) a ticket requesting the change must be submitted as a ticket at Server Portal at least seven (7) days before the end of your current billing term, (b) the change will not take effect until after the end of your current billing term and (c) no Prepayment Discounts applicable to your old billing term will apply to your new billing term. For example, if you elect to change from annual billing to monthly billing (a) the change will only take effect at the end of your current annual term and (b) you will no longer receive the Prepayment Discounts applicable to annual billing.

Please note that if you received a discount for paying for a longer term and you switch to a shorter term on your renewal, your pricing will increase as any pre-payment discount you received will be removed.

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