Unable to Progress with 2008 Windows Updates

                This is in reference to 2008 server edition not being able to process its updates, and is not progressing through the checking updates phase of the windows updates.


  1. Connect to the server using RDP.
  2. Open up the command prompt you can do this by using programs.
  3. Launch the command prompt as administrator. (this is required to provide sufficient access needed to stop the windows processes)
  4. Run the following command in Command Prompt net stop wuauserv and wait for it to completely stop.
  5. Open up the C drive.
  6.  Go to the windows folder.
  7. Rename the software distribution folder to softwaredistrubition_test.
  8. Return to the command prompt and run net start wuauserv
  9. Then reboot the computer.
  10. When the computer reboots you can run and update the security updates.

Microsoft released a security pack that fixed this on 2008, ensuring that you have this update once the updates are completed, will prevent the error from happening in the future. This security update is called  947821. 

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