Unable to access Webmail on Plesk server

When creating email accounts and webmail for Plesk, Plesk needs to be assigned a webmail program. The following will assist with that.

Before changing webmail make sure additional webmail component in installed and enabled (Check this in Home -> Tools & Settings -> Webmail). You have a few choices for webmail, such as Horde and Roundcube or MailEnable use this program you are most familiar with or has the features you want. Otherwise you would not have a choice of what webmail to select instead of the current one.

1. Navigate to Home -> Subscriptions then click on the domain name you are attempting to access webmail for.
2. Open the Mail tab.
3. Click Change Settings.
4. Find the Webmail parameter and select the webmail you wish to use from the list.

Keep in mind you will also want to ensure you have the DNS set up properly for the domain if you want webmail.youdomain.com to work in addition to selecting the webmail client as mentioned above. For the DNS part you can do this in 3 different ways:

a) Add a CNAME specifically for webmail that resolves it back to the main domain if both the main domain and mail are hosted on the same server
b) Add a wildcard CNAME record so that all subdomains resolve back to the same main domain, this also works if the main website and everything else for the domain will point back to the same server.
c) Create an A record for webmail that resolves it to the IP of this server you are wanting the webmail to be set up on.

For both the CNAME and A record items you can always add more records if certain subdomains will resolve to other places.

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