How to restore a Codero Cloud Snapshot

How to restore a Codero Cloud Snapshot


This article describes the steps required to restore a previously created Codero Cloud snapshot.



An active Codero Cloud account
A cloud instance with a previously created snapshot



Log In

Log into your Codero Cloud account at


List available servers

Lists all available cloud servers by clicking the small cloud icon cloudsnapshot1.png from the Main Menu.

Display Control Options

If you do not see the Cloud control options (Start, Restart, etc., click the downward pointing arrow located at the right of the cloud description.



Restore Snapshot

Click the “Restore Snapshot” icon. This will display the “Restore from a snapshot” confirmation form.


Confirm Restore

Confirm you are restoring the correct snapshot based on the details displayed in the “Restore from a snapshot” confirmation form. If the information displayed is correct click Confirm Restore

Snapshot Restore

The screen will update displaying different stages of the restore process. The server will restart before the process has completed.



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