How do I request additional IP addresses for my server?


Codero Dedicated and Smart Servers include up to four IP addresses, but only one IP is allocated to a server when it is provisioned. This guide will show you how you can obtain additional IP addresses.

1.) Log in to your Codero Server Portal at with your username and password.

2.) Click "Services" from the main menu. Select "My Services" from the drop down list.


3.) Click the "Options" button adjacent to the server you wish add the IPs to. (This icon looks like a magnifying glass)


4.) Scroll to the bottom of the page to Network Information. (Note: Any additional IPs that have already been requested and allocated to you (non-primary) will be displayed here.)

5.) Click the "Request an additional IP" button.


  • Up to four IP addresses (including your Primary IP) will be assigned without requiring justification. Any IP requests beyond the initial four will need to be justified.

If your server has been allocated four IP addresses and you’d like to request more, you will need to fill out our IP justification form located under Sales > IP Address Request. You can also reach this form by simply clicking on the "Request an additional IP" button again.

  • Dedicated and Smart Servers have a maximum allocation of 16 IPv4 addresses.

NOTE: Please be aware that ARIN requires that correct information and proper justification are provided for each IP address. Failure to provide proper justification can delay your request. Codero reserves the right to deny IP requests if the justification does not meet ARIN requirements. If you have currently reached or exceeded your limit of IP addresses, you will be notified by our technical support staff and be given the option to purchase additional packs of IP addresses.


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