How do I create a new Cloud Instance?

In order to create a new instance, you must log into your control panel at, and click on the “cloud” option under the services. If you have not done so, please make sure to agree to the Cloud TOS before proceeding.


  1.  Log into your Cloud Portal.
  2. Click on Create Cloud Server

    Creating a Cloud Server - Main page of
  3. Create Cloud Server Hostname
  4. Choose Region – Phoenix (West) or Dallas (Central)

    Create Cloud server - Setting hostname

  5. Operating System – CentOS, Fedora, Ubuntu, Debian, Docker, Oracle or Windows
  6. Mixin**This is optional** Currently for Mixin's we offer the Plesk Web Admin control panel.

    Create Cloud - Selecting OS and mixin

  7. Server size – Choose Ram, CPU and HD sizes

    Create Cloud - Selecting size

  8. Next to the size it will show the bandwidth included with that size and below the sizes offered it will show what bandwidth is included for free (Public Incoming and Private Outgoing/Incoming) along with the cost if you go over the included amount that comes with the size chosen.
  9. Summary -  Choose Hourly or Monthly Billing **This cannot be changed after the instance is spun up**

    Create Cloud - Choosing Billing period and summary

  10. Click Create Server
  11. Your Server will then begin to be configured according to your specs.  Below are the three stages of the Deployment.

 Create Cloud - Creating in progress


Create Cloud - Server coming online

Assigning IP 

Create Cloud - Assigning an IP Address

  • 12. Here you have for Cloud Server when it is finished.

Your new instance will now be created and you will see a pop-up at the top of the page with you new root (or Administrator if its a Windows server) password.

Create Cloud - Finished creating new cloud instance

IMPORTANT: Please be sure to record your root password and change it as soon as you first log into your instance. You can only view the temporary password once.


Your new cloud is ready!

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