How to configure Spam Assassin on WHM/cPanel

There’s a few things to remember when dealing with spam assassin in cPanel, the first thing is that spam assassin works in reverse, where as 10 is the least strict setting for receiving mail, and 1 is the most strict.

Each incoming mail is given a number and if it is higher or lower then the setting, it is then handled by the filter. Anything below the number provided in the spam assassin score box, will be allowed, anything higher, will be rejected.

There is a setting to have the mail auto deleted, this is not always an optimal solution but is a choice you can use.


Turning on Spam Assassin

1. Log Into cPanel

2. In the mail section, click on the spamassassin icon.

3. In the grey box, click Enable SpamAssassin to enable, or click disable to disable it.


The box below this shows a number 1 to 10, You want to leave this at first at a moderate 5, this way you can monitor how much mail that comes in.


Lower number is stricter, and a higher number means more accepting.

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