How do I stop emails from being caught in Spam Filtering

There are many reasons why your email may be ending up in your recipients Spam or junk folder.


Some of these reasons include:

1.   Your mail server having a poor reputation.
2.   Your mail server being blacklisted.
3.   The content of your email has been flagged.



Here are several ways to improve the reputation of your email server regarding the above issues.


1. Your mail sever has a poor reputation:


Set up a reverse DNS record:


Setting up a reverse dns (commonly called a PTR record) will help make your email server legitimate. When a recipients mail server does a reverse look up on your IP address it will map to your domain correctly.


If you have questions about how to edit reverse DNS for your IP, please check this article:


For more info see the following link.



Set an SPF record:


Adding a SPF record into your dns settings can greatly increase the reputation of your email server.


You can build a SPF record by using this link.


Once you have created the SPF record, copy and paste the text into your dns as a new TXT record in your DNS zone.


For More info on SPF see the following link:


2. Your server's IP address is on a blacklist.

If your IP address is on a blacklist, it will severely limit your ability to send email.

You can check your IP address to see if it is blacklisted by going to   Click on blacklists and put in the IP address of your server.

If your server is listed you can fill out the de-list request on their site. You can also contact our abuse department at and request help in getting de-listed from the blacklist(s) your IP address is on.

3. The Content of your email is triggering Spam filters.


Many anti-Spam programs today search the content of your email for Spam related characteristics.

Spam-Assassin is a very popular anti-Spam software that uses this method. Depending on how sensitive the filters have been set to, certain characteristics of your email may trigger it and cause it to get flagged as Spam.


The following link has guidelines for how to avoid false positives with servers that use Spam Assassin.

If you have received a bounce back message, you can check in the headers of the email and there will be reasons for why the message was blocked by Spam Assassin.


You can check the reasons against the following list to see why it was blocked and modify the content of your email so it will pass the filter.

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