How Can I Mount a Local ISO Using vSphere/ESXi5.5+?

How Can I Mount a Local ISO Using vSphere/ESXi5.5+?


Before you can mount an ISO file using vSphere, you need to obtain that ISO and ensure it will be accessible where you are running the vSphere Web Client. 


  • Then click on “VMs and Templates” in the left navigation pane


  • Right-click the Virtual Machine you want to mount the ISO on in the left pane and select “Edit Settings”


  • In the “Edit Settings” window, select “CD/DVD drive 1” and make sure it’s set to “Client Device”




  • Power on the Virtual Machine
  • Navigate to the ‘Summary’ tab for the Virtual Machine


  • Click the small dropdown arrow next to ‘CD/DVD Drive 1’ and select ‘Connect to CD/DVD image on a local disk’


  • Allow access if prompted
  • The file browser will open; navigate to the ISO file you want to mount, select it, and then click ‘Open’ to attach it
  • The device status for ‘CD/DVD Drive 1’ should now display ‘connected’


  • Open the console (or log in remotely) to the VM and the mounted ISO is now available for use.
  • You should disconnect the drive prior to restarting the virtual machine (it will automatically be disconnected during a restart as well)
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