How to view individual error logs in cPanel for sites

            WHM is a great tool, however, it does not have a reporting feature for individual sites available from the primary panel under port 2087 or /whm. If you are not familiar with ssh, you can use the cpanel method to retrieve the error logs for individual sites.


  1. Log into whm this can be done by using  https://your.servers.ip.address:2087
  2. Then in the upper left hand corner type "List Accounts"
  3. In the right panel list accounts will show up, double click this
  4. From there go to the cpanel account that hosts the website and click on the blue cp button
  5. This will log you on as the primary account under this cpanel account
  6. In the upper left hand search bar once more type error logs this will cause only this icon to show
  7. Double click this icon and it will show you the logs.


This is a great tool for seeing what may be going wrong with the site, since it reports all apache and php errors.

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