What is the client report in the Plesk control panel?

Plesk keeps a summary of important data for every client in the system. The client report is a brief overview of the client-related system information.

Click the REPORT button to view the client report. The client report includes the following information:




the version of Plesk installed on the server

Client status

the system state and status of the client

Company name

the name of the client's company

Control Panel login name

the client's login name

Creation date

the date of creation of the client's account

Expiration date

the date of expiration of the client's account

Active domains

the number of client's domains that are presently active


the total number of client's domains

Total traffic

the total amount of traffic registered for the client's domains since the beginning of the current month

Total disk space

the total volume of disk space used to store the client's data

Mail boxes

the total number of mail boxes on all domains

Mail redirects

the total number of mail redirects on all domains

Mail groups

the total number of mail groups on all domains

Mail autoresponders

the total number of mail autoresponders on all domains

Web users

the total number of web users on all domains


the total number of databases on all domains

Tomcat web applications

the total number of web applications on all domains


Viewing the traffic history

Traffic history is a record of amounts of traffic registered for the selected client's domains over a period of time.

1.  Click the TRAFFIC HISTORY button at the Client report page.

2.  The client's traffic history is displayed in the form of a table. Each line entry in the table contains the following data:

  • Year - the reported year
  • Month - the reported month
  • Traffic usage - the amount of traffic registered for the client's domains over the reported month

  The number of entries in the traffic history record is set at the Server preferences page.

3.  To return to the Client report page, click UP LEVEL.

Sending the report via e-mail

This report can be sent via e-mail to a specific address. Enter the e-mail address to which the report should be sent and click SEND BY E-MAIL.

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