How to Enable Remote Desktop for remote management in Windows 2012

To enable Remote Desktop on Windows Server 2012 for remote or off site management. 
**Note this is usually automatically enabled by Codero when building Windows servers**

Step # 1: Log into your Windows Server 2012.

Step#2: Click on Server Manager

Enabling Remote Desktop on Windows 2012 - Server Manager window

Step# 3:  Then click on Local Server and beneath the Properties displayed screen, you will see Remote Desktop presently inactivated.

Remote Desktop
Enabling Remote Desktop on Windows 2012 - Local Server properties screen

Step # 4: Click on the Disabled link next to Remote Desktop. A new windows will open and you will select, “Allow remote connections to this computer”, and be sure to leave the ‘recommended’ check-box checked.

You have now turned on remote desktop access for your Windows 2012 Server.

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