How can I view client traffic statistics in the Plesk control panel?

Here is how you can view traffic statistics for a specific dedicated server client in the Plesk Control Panel:

  1. Login to your Plesk Control Panel. Use the information provided to you when the server was setup.
  2. Click on Clientfrom the navigation bar on the left.

  1. Click the Traffic icon available in the "Tools" section.

The table on this page presents the following data:

  • The total amount of traffic used by all clients in the Server total field.
  • Clients' names in the Client name column.
  • The amount of traffic used per month.
  • The traffic limit (if defined) in the Limit column.
  • The amount of traffic available (if defined) in the Available column.
  • The percentage of traffic used in the Used (in %) column.

To view the traffic statistics for a certain month, select the required month from the drop-down list.

Click on a client's name in the list to go to the page displaying traffic at the domains of that client.

You have the option to search for a certain pattern which can be helpful in case you have a great number of items in the list and you need to work with a particular one. To search through the list, type the pattern string into the text input field and click Search. If there were any items found matching the entered pattern string, they will all be displayed in the form of a reduced list. The button Show all will revert to displaying the whole list.

You can also sort the list on this page in ascending or descending order, clicking on the title of a column. An arrow will indicate the order of sorting.

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