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Billing information specific to Codero Cloud (beta) Hosting

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  1. questionAm I charged for a VM when it is stopped?
    Yes, you are charged (either on a monthly or hourly basis, depending on your selected plan) for a VM from the time you create the VM until you Destroy the VM. **Please note that hourly billing invoice will generate on the anniversary date and NOT the destroy/delete date. See When will I receive ...
  2. questionIf my VM is suspended for non pay, how long do I have to make payment before it deletes my data?
    You have 7 days from the suspension date to make payment. If payment is not received by the 7th day of suspension, the VM and all data will automatically delete, and cannot be recovered.
  3. questionWhen will I receive the Invoice for my Hourly VM?
    You will receive the invoice for the time used on the anniversary date of the VM. You will not receive an invoice upon deletion of the VM.
  4. questionWhen am I billed for Secondary Storage?
    Codero bills all customers for Secondary Storage on the first day of each calendar month. You will be assessed a charge on the first day based on the peak amount of webspace utilized in the previous calendary month at the current Secondary Storage rates, found at ...
  5. questionHow do I cancel my VM?
    To cancel your VM, simply log into and select Services > Cloud and launch the Cloud Portal. Under the Instances tab, choose the VM you wish to cancel and Stop it. To cancel the VM, Destroy the VM. Once you destroy your VM, your VM is cancelled and billing will cease. If yo ...
  6. questionWhat is the $1 charge I received for my Codero Cloud account?
    All new customers to Codero will be charged $1 to the credit card or ACH payment method prior to allowing a VM to be created. Upon successful charge, a $1 account credit will be placed on the account. The $1 is a validation of the credit card or ACH, and cannot be refunded but will be applied a ...
  7. questionWhat payment methods are accepted for Codero Cloud hosting?
    Codero only accepts payments via credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express) Codero Cloud. We do not accept Paypal, wire transfers, ACH or checks for Codero Cloud payments.
  8. questionHow do I cancel my Codero Cloud Secondary Storage?
    To cancel secondary storage with Codero, you must log into Cloud Portal (accessed via > Services > Cloud), and click on the Storage tab. Delete each item listed. You should then click on the Templates tab and delete each template you wish to close. Please remember that y ...
  9. questionCan a convert a monthly cloud plan to hourly, or an hourly cloud plan to monthly?
    No, when you create a VM on the Codero Cloud, you choose either monthly or hourly billing. You can not switch that VM from one payment type to another. If you wish to change the payment from hourly to monthly or monthly to hourly, you will need to destroy the VM and create a new one. Before do ...
  10. questionCan I receive a refund for unused time on my monthly VM?
    No, there are no refunds for any monthly VM plan. However, a Codero pro-rata account credit will be automatically applied to your account for the remainder of the month when you destroy a VM. Account credits will automatically be applied to any future billings with Codero, but cannot be refunded.