Connecting Dedicated & Cloud Servers

Connect Dedicatd Servers And Cloud Servers Seamlessly

The On-Demand Hybrid Cloud from Codero lets you connect Dedicated Bare Metal Servers, Dedicated Smart Servers, Codero Storage (NAS/SAN) and Codero Cloud Server instances over your own private network. Once enabled - your infrastructure can communicate on its own Hybrid Network* without having to go through a public interface. This adds more flexibility and scalability to your hosting, depending on your applications traffic and computing needs.

On-Demand Hybrid Cloud Use Cases
  • Scalable Web Applications with Dedicated Back-End Database
  • Failover Application Clustering for Linux & Windows
  • Big Data Applications
  • Database Clustering with Shared Storage
  • Disaster Recovery Solution between Different Data Centers
Hybrid Network
Once Hybrid Networking is enabled simply login to to configure and manage your devices.
Hybrid Management Tool

Seamless Integration Across Your Servers
Seamless Integration
Zero configuration necessary. No special “Connection” devices needed! Once your Hybrid Network is created and connecting servers within, they will automatically communicate over a private network.
No Extra Development Needed
The Codero Hybrid Network is built from the ground up to ensure
the delivery of all cloud, dedicated and storage services work natively without requiring extra development for your business or application. No special routing, no “Connect” devices, no proprietary software, it just works with no bottlenecks.
No special tools required
Host IT Right! The Right Resources,
With The Right Applications, All At The Right Price.
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Once your configuration is online, login to; drag and drop the various hosting services you need into your hybrid hosting networking screen

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Already a Codero customer, order Hybrid Networking now; configure your network by logging into then drag and drop the hosting services you want connected within your Hybrid Network. Yes, it is that easy!
Not sure how to get started with hybrid? Feel free to call us at 1-866-2CODERO or chat with one of our hosting experts.

100% Uptime Guarantee
* Hybrid Network - Patent Pending