Docker and Codero Hosting
Run your app in a Docker container and reap the benefits
What is Docker?
Docker is an open platform that helps you build, ship, and run distributed applications. It consists of Docker Engine, a lightweight runtime and packaging tool, and Docker Hub, a service for sharing apps and automating workflows. Together, they enable you to quickly assemble apps, eliminate friction between development, QA, and production, scale and deploy quickly and run more workloads.
How can I use Docker with Codero?
Docker containers run just about everywhere. You can deploy containers on dedicated bare metal servers, virtual machines, Codero public cloud instances and your own Codero private cloud.
Ecommerce: Use Docker to easily scale up your online store in time for the holiday rush. Simply containerize your ecommerce software, then push it to your dedicated or cloud servers to help load balance. You can even add new cloud servers with your containerized app while using Codero's Hybrid network to connect to your bare-metal database server over a private network.
Gaming: House multiple game servers onto one server without requiring the overhead of several virtual machines.
Testing and QA: Instead of needing multiple servers for testing and QA, you can use multiple containers on one server to reduce resource needs. You can also use Docker on your local machine to build and test your application, and then deploy the same Docker image on your production server so all of your dependencies and software versions are exactly the same.
The list is only the tip of the iceberg. A good rule of thumb: Anything you would use virtualization for, you can use Docker containers for without the large overhead.
Ready to get started with Docker?
Check out Docker’s 10-Minute Tutorial and User Guide for good starting points. If you have any questions, chat with one of our experts today.