Disaster Recovery Services

Avoid data loss and critical downtime with a Codero Disaster Recovery (DR) Plan. Continuous flow of data and information is essential to productivity. No matter what size your business or enterprise, you cannot afford to suffer downtime. A Disaster Recovery Plan is essential to keep your mission-critical applications smoothly operating to ensure business continuity.

Design Your Own Disaster Recovery Plan

Codero offers operational continuity with support for all operating systems, from Windows® to Linux and Unix®. Thanks to off-site data backup through eVault, you are protected against data loss and ensured continuity through network storage that helps eliminate single points of failure.

Adding disaster recovery plan with eVault offsite backup offers a secure IT infrastructure providing peace of mind for all operational requirements. It doesn't matter how small your business, a DR service is easy to implement—Basic DR adds eVault offsite backup for a single server. Use an Advanced DR plan by configuring load balanced servers with a backup using offsite eVault storage. All DR services are backed by 24/7/365 live, expert support. You can even set your own data backup schedules. You pay only for the storage you use.

To create your own DR plan select eVault offsite storage. The below images illustrate how adding eVault offsite storage to your server packages can create basic or advanced disaster recovery solutions.

Basic Disaster Recovery IT Plan
Advanced Disaster Recovery IT Plan

 Disaster Recovery Offsite eVault Backup Service Pricing

Managed eVault Disaster Recovery Backups
Setup Fee $0.00
20 GB $25.00
50 GB $55.00
100 GB $95.00
200 GB $160.00
400 GB $280.00
Overage/GB $2.00
  Select a Server
eVault Backup Plug-ins Price
SharePoint $15/mo
MS Clustering Support $15/mo
VMware $15/mo
Open File Manager (OFM) $5/mo

The above plug-ins are only available on Self-managed and Managed backup. Please contact a sales representative to order the additional plug-ins.

Add eVault offsite storage to your existing server package to create a basic or advanced IT DR solution.

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