Windows® Dedicated Server Hosting

Windows® Server 2012 Operating System

Windows® Server 2012 is now available to run on Codero's high performance, and highly reliable hosting solutions. Windows® Server 2012 was made available by Codero on its first day of availability from Microsoft. Codero already offers Windows® Server 2008, and now Windows® Server 2012. Simultaneously with Microsoft's release on September 4th, 2012, Codero made Windows® Server 2012 available to our customers. Windows® Server 2012 is the newest installment of the Windows operating system. Our hosting solution experts have a lineage of Windows® Server expertise and they are ready to assist you anytime you need it, 24/7/365.

On Windows® Server 2012 hosted by Codero, you have new and improved features that deliver extremely high levels of uptime and continuous server availability. The platform also includes greater management efficiency. This simplifies and automates the deployment and virtualization of major workloads. Greater automation means server deployments are faster and upgrades are now even simpler. Windows® Server 2012 is also more cost effective. The system takes advantage of commodity storage, networking, and server infrastructure, but also delivers increased power efficiency for a greener planet. With Codero you are always a chat or a phone call away from experts that know technology and your business. Codero has been a Microsoft Certified Partner for years, and has the expertise to help with any issues.

We are offering the following 2012 editions:

  • Windows® Server 2012 Standard Edition
  • Windows® Server 2012 DC Edition
  • Windows® Server 2012 is also available as part of our Cloud hosting templates

Please also note the following about the new offering:

  • Standard and DC Editions will both have the same features, with the DC Edition allowing for more virtual machines
  • With Windows® Server 2012, the web and enterprise editions have been eliminated from the Microsoft lineup

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Dedicated Windows Hosting Highlights  
Server Access FTP, Remote Desktop
Server Side Scripts ASP, ASP.Net, VB, ColdFusion
Database (for dynamically driven website) SQL Server, MS Access, MySQL, DSN
Shell Scripts CGI, PERL
Supported Extensions CGI, .html, .htm, .pl, .asp, .aspx, .shtml, .xml, .php and others

Operating System* Setup
Windows® 2012 DC Edition - 64bit Free
Windows® 2012 Standard Edition - 64bit Free
Windows® 2008 R2 Enterprise Edition - 32bit and 64bit (No AD) Free
Windows® 2008 R2 Standard Edition - 32bit and 64bit (No AD) Free
Windows® 2008 R2 DC Edition - 64bit (with HyperV) Free
Windows® 2008 R2 DC Edition - 32bit (without HyperV) Free
Windows® 2008 R2 Web Edition - 64bit + Webmatrix Development Tool Free
Windows® 2008 R2 Web Edition - 32bit and 64bit Free

* Active directory is not included with the Windows Operating System.

For open-source solutions look into Linux® dedicated server hosting or other custom OS platforms for your dedicated server.

Customize Your Server

Microsoft product images reprinted with permission from Microsoft Corporation.