Linux Dedicated Server Hosting

Ubuntu® and CentOS Operating System

Linux® is an open-source operating system derived from the Unix operating system. Due to the nature of open-sourced technology, Linux has been the kernel from which thousands of other OS applications have grown. Among these, CentOS is the most popular and preferred general-purpose Linux dedicated hosting OS. All Codero dedicated servers come standard with a CentOS operating system. However, Ubuntu® (a popular and powerful Debian based Linux OS) can be installed at no additional charge. With a managed hosting plan we keep your Linux operating system up to date so you don't have to worry.

Customize Your Server

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Dedicated Linux Hosting Highlights  
Server Access FTP, Control Panel, telnet, or ssh
Servers-Side-Scripts PHP
Database (for dynamically driven website) MySQL
Shell Scripts CGI, PERL
Supported Extensions CGI, .html, .htm, .pl, .shtml, .xml, and others

There are other custom operating systems available or if you need to run Microsoft® applications on your website look into Windows® dedicated hosting when you purchase your dedicated server.

Customize Your Server