Custom Operating Systems

FreeBSD®, Debian®, & Custom Systems

Windows® and Linux® are available with our managed hosting plans and are the most popular choices for dedicated servers. If you prefer to use an alternative OS we will work with you to make sure you get the OS you need. Listed below are some of the more popular operating system requests outside of Windows® and Linux®.

Customize Your Server

Custom Operating Systems


  • Based on Unix® and the Berkeley Software Distribution (BSD) branch.
  • Automatically optimized and customized for a huge variety of applications.
  • Known for adaptability, reliability, and performance.

Debian® *

  • Uses the Linux kernel combined with basic OS tools from the GNU project.
  • Provides over 18,733 packages, pre-compiled software bundled up for easy installation.

Additional Requests: OpenSUSE®; SUSE Linux Enterprise® (requires license purchase); Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® (requires license purchase); and Custom Operating Systems (see below).

Custom Operating Systems: If you're looking for something other than what we list here, feel free to contact us—we'll install any OS we can download, or you can provide. (Custom installation fees apply.)

If you are not familiar with any of these operating systems then you may want to consider using Windows® or Linux® platforms when purchasing your dedicated server.

Customize Your Server

Installation fee may apply on alternative operating systems.