Parallels® Plesk + Billing Bundle

During unexpected disruptions due to attacks on your server the Server Protection Plan will waive bandwidth overages fees associated to the attack, and reinstall operating system at no charge.*

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Complete Automation/Billing Solution for Service Providers

A fully integrated control panel with billing, domain management, SSL certificates and more, Parallels® Plesk Panel + Billing Bundle offers a powerful collection of features to increase revenue and adapt products to meet customer demand. Parallels® Plesk 9.0 delivers hundreds of added applications and web hosting services. Parallels® Plesk Billing 6.0 extends hosting automation with 25+ payment gateway options.

  • Easy Set-Up: Quick to install and set up, user interface is easy to navigate and fully customizable
  • Multi-Level Control: Automates all tasks for administrators, resellers, clients and domain owners
  • Highly Integrated: Move seamlessly between the control panel and billing system functions
  • Adaptable: Supports multiple servers, payment gateways, control panels and registrars

As a stand-alone product or in combination, Parallels® server automation applications streamline orders, billing and management for any hosting plan. Bundled, it comes with unlimited domains and 1,000 billing accounts. If you are looking for a less robust solution you can also add Parallels Plesk 9.0 to your server.