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During unexpected disruptions due to attacks on your server the Server Protection Plan will waive bandwidth overages fees associated to the attack, and reinstall operating system at no charge.*

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Administrative Dedicated Server Interface

Specially designed for Linux web hosting, cPanel/WHM software offers a fully-automated platform to manage essential tasks quickly and reliably. cPanel uses intuitive tools to update web pages, create email accounts and install applications for blogs, shopping carts and forums. The Web Host Manager (WHM) simplifies account setup, server alerts, spam monitoring, and more. Make your solution stronger by including a hardware firewall.

Intuitive and versatile, cPanel and WHM make it easy to automate server tasks:

  • Control: Powerful server tools to select Apache and PHP versions, DNS services, password-protect features, and more
  • Robust: Real-time deployment for over 200 applications—social media, eCommerce, webmail, and more
  • Reliable: Monitoring software notifies webmaster of problems via email, IM or SMS and attempts to restart services
  • Secure: Virus protection, rootkit detection and other tools to lock down servers and configure multiple security settings
  • Cutting Edge: Latest technologies automatically update server software and security fixes

Extend the functionality of WHM and cPanel through a variety of APIs to create or modify accounts and many other automated tasks. cPanel is user-friendly for web developers, too: install PHP PEAR packages, Perl modules, RoR applications and more.

cPanel is not available with Managed Hosting services.