High Availability Cluster Configuration

High Volume with Complete Redundancy

A cluster configuration provides the highest availability for complex websites and is well suited for social network hosting, large databases, and critical applications. This type of configuration can also be used for online marketing campaigns, and larger databases and development environments.

A cluster configuration is a high availability platform that ensures a stable, always-on server environment. You can configure failover for disaster recovery/business continuity scenarios and at the same time support data-demanding applications.

Use a cluster configuration to support traffic spikes in database collection, processing, analytics and achieve optimum privacy and security within a controlled environment.

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High Availability Infrastructure (Windows or Unix)

High Availability Cluster Configuration Offers

  • Thousands of Concurrent Connections
  • Mission Critical Infrastructure
  • Fully Redundant & Customizable Hardware

High Availability Cluster Configuration Architecture

  • Dedicated Load-Balancer
  • Multiple Servers
  • Cisco Firewall
  • Database Cluster
  • EVault Storage
  • Database Storage