Custom High Performance Hosted Solutions

Scalable, High Availability and Secure -
Specially Designed Hosting Environments to Meet Your Unique Needs

Think beyond the single server. Your operations are unique and require more than a one-size-fits-all solution. A Custom configuration may be what you need to run your application efficiently, and achieve your business objectives. We can help you design custom configurations for any network scenario. We offer a range of hosting configuration choices for email, media, complex website hosting, social networking, database replication, SANs and many other applications. Rely on Codero's deep technical expertise to build and deploy a high performance solution that fits your specific needs. A customized hosting environment lets you:

  • Load Balance to support very high demand/rolling volume loads
  • Ensure availability for mission critical applications/databases
  • Maintain a high degree of privacy with best-practices security that meet regulatory compliance
  • Managed backups for faster access/data throughput
  • Avoid downtime with varying levels of redundancy

Affordably priced, customization prepares you for scaling as you grow and ensures your solution meets your exact technical criteria and performance needs. Even better, highly skilled 24/7/365 technical support ensures you can stay focused on your business, not your hosting solution.

From load-balancing and high availability clusters, to disaster recovery and PCI compliance, a plethora of solutions are available from Codero to accommodate the most complex hosting needs.