Boost Your Website’s Speed and Security

Codero’s CDN and DDoS protection options add speed, redundancy, and security to your websites. Build performance and security enhancements into your projects by distributing your content across CloudFlare’s global network, on both Codero’s cloud and dedicated platforms.

What is a Content Delivery Network (CDN)?

A CDN, or content delivery network, enhances website performance by caching and distributing your website’s content to servers around the world. That brings it closer to your users, making your website faster. Codero’s CDN, powered by CloudFlare, is designed to save you bandwidth and deliver better speed and performance for your website.

How Codero’s CDN and DDoS Protection Helps You

  • Increased Website Speed

    Codero’s CDN improves your global website presence with decreased load times and enhanced speed.

  • Advanced Security

    From web application firewall to advanced DDoS protection, the Codero CDN stops malicious traffic before it affects your site.

  • Site Content Optimization

    Codero’s CDN minifies your JavaScript and image files to ensure speedy and efficient content delivery.

  • Manage Higher Traffic Levels

    The Codero CDN absorbs some of your normal bandwidth burden, letting you handle far more simultaneous traffic.

  • Mobile Site Optimization

    The majority of today’s website traffic comes from mobile. The Codero CDN offers specific optimization for your site’s mobile presence.

  • Detailed Analytics

    Gain additional insights on your site’s performance with network-level analytics.

Advanced DDoS Protection

CloudFlare’s protection matches the sophistication and scale of DDoS threats and mitigates DDoS attacks of all forms and sizes.

Codero CDN and DDoS Protection Plans

Basic Speed Firewall Protection
Free $16/mo $24/mo $199/mo

Front-End Web Content Optimization

Broad Security

IPv4/IPv6 Compatibility

24 Hour Analytics Updates

Advanced Mobile Optimization

Faster Website Performance

Advanced Image Optimization

SSL Support

SPDY Support

10 Page Rules

1 Hour Analytics Update

Web Application Firewall (WAF)

Advanced DDoS Attack Mitigation


Free $16/mo $24/mo $199/mo

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What is CloudFlare?

CloudFlare is an industry-leading provider of content acceleration, DNS management, and enhanced security for thousands of websites worldwide. Offering an easy and affordable way to speed up and secure your website, CloudFlare adds performance and security in a very affordable package.