Puerto Rico Museum Builds Robust Website and Expands its Community with Codero Hosting
Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico
Customer Profile
Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico is a nonprofit organization that aims to enrich the lives of individuals through appreciation and enjoyment of the arts of Puerto Rico and the world. It is accredited by the American Alliance of Museums.
Today people demand a stable website that is dynamic in content and is available anytime and anywhere. Only with these elements can you drive traffic and become a trusted source of information. With Codero's help we're accomplishing our mission of providing greater art education and enrichment opportunities.
- Solimar Salas Rodríguez, Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico Webmaster
Business Situation
Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico struggled with the same technology challenges that many growing nonprofit organizations face: out of date website, unreliable hosting platform, and limited infrastructure that could not scale. They were looking to build a more robust, dynamic online presence that would attract and engage more site visitors.
The museum adopted Codero's dedicated hosting services to optimize its IT infrastructure reliability, performance and security. Their solution includes Windows® dedicated server with firewall services, FTP backup, server monitoring and MSSQL – all backed by Codero's 24/7/365, US-based support.
Dedicated Hosting Benefits
  • Ability to host 1,500+ high-definition art images on the site
  • Accommodate 35,000+ site visitors per month and scale additional site features and applications without sacrificing performance
  • Improved relationship with visitors, online communities, researchers, educators, international internship candidates and volunteers driven by a 24/7 reliable, responsive website
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Since opening its doors in July of 2000, Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico (MAPR) has shared stunning Puerto Rican art with local residents and visitors from around the world. The museum is home to important Puerto Rican art from as far back as the 17th century through the present day. It also offers guest exhibits, cultural programs, and education opportunities. In 2006 MAPR was looking to revamp its web presence. It had previously used a local web hosting company and space on a shared server to run its site. Museum leaders wanted to offer more reliable and dynamic web content including: exhibit images, Spanish and English language options, a blog platform, an interactive online educational program, videos, and social media links.

In short, they wanted to leverage the museum's website to establish a loyal and more engaged online community.
Having a stable website is very important to our brand," said Ms. Rodríguez. "But we also needed speed, quality and the ability to grow at the right price. Codero delivered all of these elements better than anyone else.
Why Codero Hosting
MAPR webmaster, Solimar Salas-Rodríguez, recalls that the museum was looking to move away from a shared server to a dedicated server environment offering greater performance and scalability.

MAPR migrated to a Codero dedicated Windows® server platform in 2006. Codero provided a server that was 100% devoted to MAPR's web application, which does not share resources with other customers. In the seven years since, the MAPR web team has upgraded their servers and added several services including a firewall for security; FTP backup for disaster recovery; sever monitoring, and an MSSQL server for guaranteed database performance. Today, Ms. Salas-Rodríguez reports that the hosting services have far exceeded expectations with the reliability, availability and speed Codero has delivered. She recalls only a single hour of downtime in a span of seven years (or 61,362 hours) due to a Content Management System (CMS) issue, which was quickly remedied with Codero's dedicated technical support.
We have an international audience so now we can offer 24/7 availability that our users need," said Ms. Salas-Rodríguez. "As our community of art enthusiasts, students and researchers go more and more online, they've come to rely on high-quality web content and information from us. Codero with its 24/7/365 support gives us the peace of mind we need, knowing we don't have to worry about keeping our hosting environment up and running day-in and day-out.
More Visitors and More Dynamic Web Content
Today the MAPR website attracts close to 35,000 visitors monthly with those online visitors coming from every corner of the world, all drawn in by the site's online portfolio housing over 1,500 high-resolution images of the works of art on display at the museum. The museum has also launched two interactive educational art applications without having to worry about a lack in performance due to their dedicated hosting resources.
Increase in Revenue from Events
Ms. Salas-Rodríguez is happy to report that MAPR now attracts greater interest as a unique, desirable venue for conferences, meetings, and weddings. The site's richness, speed and performance have helped drive the influx of interest. Now event organizers can access and review extensive information on the venue through the museum's website including the museum layout, FAQs and photos. As result, museum employees and volunteers spend less time fielding inquiries and more time interacting with museum patrons.
Space rental is a good revenue stream for us that previously we weren't able to fully tap," said Ms. Salas-Rodríguez. "As a nonprofit, we're always looking for ways to bring in additional funds so we can fulfill our mission. Having the ability to add more features to our site without sacrificing performance and not having to spend more on resources because of our dedicated environment can handle the additional workloads is great.
Greater International Pull
Ms. Salas-Rodríguez reports that the museum has received inquiries from educators and artists around the globe looking to build partnerships and specialized programs with the museum. Just last year MAPR hosted students from Switzerland and Germany for its internship program. The museum is also receiving far more volunteer applications. Salas-Rodríguez credits this with the ability to share more information about the museum and programs online. Museum leaders can also field requests much more quickly because they aren't consumed with putting out fires with the website due to an unreliable hosting provider.
What's Next?
Ms. Salas-Rodríguez is excited about what's ahead for MAPR. With dedicated hosting services from Codero Hosting, the museum has the IT infrastructure in place to expand its site in many more ways. The web team is working to make the site 100 percent bilingual and 100 percent 508 compliant, Ms. Salas-Rodríguez and her team are also adding rich audio and video content, and growing the museum's social media footprint.
We want to be a place for rich conversations around Puerto Rican art and fine art from the world," said Ms. Rodríguez. "With Codero's services, people can consistently rely on us for high-quality online content making them more open to learning about art, sharing their ideas and getting involved.