Baylor University Athletics Runs Website with Codero Hosting's Smart Server Technology
Customer Profile
Baylor University, a private Christian university in Waco, Texas, is home to 15,000 students and 19 NCAA Division I varsity sports teams in the Big 12 Conference.
Business Situation
The Baylor University Athletics' web team was dissatisfied with the high price tag and slow response times of its earlier hosting provider. Turnaround times on issues were unacceptably lengthy and the Baylor web team was forced to manage the lion's share of the site's troubleshooting. The team was looking for a Texas-based hosting partner that could deliver better support and higher-quality products all at a fair price.
The University adopted Codero Hosting's Smart Server technology to run the Athletics' ticketing sites including ( and Codero dedicated Smart Servers were deployed in minutes; this gave Baylor Athletics 100% exclusive use of the server's CPUs, storage, IO and a hosting solution backed by Codero's 24/7/365 US-based support with 100% uptime guarantee.
Codero is hands down more responsive and has a higher-quality hosting platform than the competition. We need to get things done quickly and to stay on top of our promotions to keep fans happy. They have made us more productive and since switching we've had zero user issues – not to mention it's the fastest hosting service I've seen.
- Mr. Joseph Villegas, Baylor University Athletics
The Baylor University Athletics' website is a place for fans to buy sporting event tickets, connect with other fans, students and alumni, and share their love of the Baylor Bears. Led by Joseph Villegas, the site uses WordPress as the content management system and is based on open source technology including PHP and MySQL. When fans select an event and are ready to purchase tickets, the site then links to a private ticketing system to complete the transaction. To run the website, the Baylor team previously relied on a dedicated server and hosting services from Peer 1 and experienced mixed results. Baylor University sports teams have a strong following of students and fans from around the country and as a result their website and microsites attract tens of thousands of visitors per month. Despite having a dedicated server and a managed hosting plan with Peer 1, Villegas was disappointed with the service. The technology and tools were dated and there were often lengthy turnaround times on issues – typically one day for a response and a second day for resolution.
Why Codero
Tired of it all, Mr. Villegas began his search. His research started with a list of the top 100 hosting companies for businesses. On this list were familiar names like Rackspace and Amazon but Mr. Villegas was not impressed with their customer support ratings or their prices.
Smart Servers Feature:
  • Smart Server - 100% dedicated server with complete control over server resources
  • Codero's easy to use Server Portal for OS reimaging and reinstalls, backups and on-demand snapshots
  • Smart Server private networking
  • 24/7/365 access to skilled and certified technical support experts with 100% uptime guarantee
  • Over $2500 a year savings per server compared to previous hosting provider
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100% Dedicated and 100% Secure
The Baylor University Athletics' department adopted Codero Hosting's Smart Server option. Mr. Villegas recalls that he selected a Smart Server because he liked that the server is 100% dedicated. This ensures ultimate security and scalability. With Smart Servers, Codero manages and supports the network, the hardware, and provides the virtualization layer. Since Baylor's solution is a completely dedicated resource, Mr. Villegas likes the face that their Smart Server has the ability to handle the high I/O of the Baylor site which can spike during special promotions or big games because they aren't using a shared resource.
My boss put me in charge of evaluating hosting providers and I did my research," said Mr. Villegas. "Customer support was one of our main criteria; being in athletics, we need quick response times. After reading about Codero's high marks for support and after speaking with their account reps, I knew they were the right choice for us.
Ultimate Performance and Service
Since switching to Codero Hosting, Mr. Villegas has been extremely pleased with the performance of their Smart Server. He likes that he has control over his server at all times, has free backups available to him and that he can count on around-the-clock support from Codero's experienced technical support team. No longer does his team have to wait days for a response or resolution. With Codero, U.S.-based technical support reps are available 24/7/365 to answer questions, resolve issues or brainstorm solutions to new challenges or growth opportunities

Through Codero's Server Portal, Mr. Villegas also has remote access to the operating system from anywhere on the web. He has the power to reinstall his OS through the portal and to refresh images or perform reinstalls. Protecting data and managing backups is also easier with Codero. There's no charge for any backup agent and on-demand or schedule snapshots can be taken through the Server Portal at any time. Daily, weekly and monthly snapshots can then be retained as needed.
Codero is hands down more responsive and has a higher-quality hosting platform than the competition," said Mr. Villegas. "We need to get things done quickly to stay on top of our promotions and keep fans happy. Codero has made us more productive and since switching we've had zero user issues – not to mention it's the fastest server I've seen.
Bringing Fans Together
The Baylor team is pleased that the department can now fully meet the needs of its fans with a quicker, richer website. Today, the Baylor Athletics' site can be accessed seamlessly from anywhere and from any device – from laptops to smartphones to tablets, because of the increase in performance they've seen by utilizing Codero's dedicated Smart Server platform.
Saving over $2500 a Year per server
Today, Mr. Villegas is thrilled to report that Baylor is saving $2,500 a year by using Codero's Smart Server. That money is funding other important web initiatives like adding more video features and social media applications to the site enabling Baylor's web team to deliver the ultimate fan experience.