Say Hello to Some of Our Hosting Customers

Codero hosts thousands of companies and hundreds of thousands of applications.

We are proud to be the IT hosting home of small companies, start-ups, and numerous global consumer brands, including several Fortune 500 firms. No matter the size of the company, to us, every customer is important and unique. Government agencies, non-profits, educational institutions, online retailers, gaming companies, and web designers all count on us to host their IT infrastructure on a daily basis. We recognize each of our customers has different requirements when it comes to IT, but at the end of the day they all want the same thing: They want it to work! This is why they rely on Codero hosting and our employees' expertise when it comes to their mission critical applications and website.

Now read what our customers have to say about us. We admit that it gives us goose bumps just reading it.

We have been a happy customer of Codero since March 2004. Ever since we began using Codero services, it has been a great success.


In the auto industry there is no time for downtime, Codero makes sure I’m always up and running.


Relying on Codero to handle our hardware and network backbone enables us to focus on our product.


Codero makes my business a lot easier. I don’t have to ask more than once for anything! I have no troubles with any of my services.


My server uptime is phenomenal, Codero handles support tickets quickly (when the time arises), and your prices are the most competitive I've ever found.

  • Kavih Williams
  • PushChannels
  • Aptos, CA

The Codero cloud performs better than its competitors and it has worked smoothly and reliably with absolutely no problems.


When we wanted to install new custom software on our server, thanks to the Codero Rewards Program, it didn't cost a penny! We're here to stay.


I have not spoken to a single technician at Codero that wasn't top notch and a pleasure to communicate with.


I highly recommend Codero Hosting. It's a great hosting service. The service is very fast and customer service will treat you nicely. Keep up the good work Codero. You are the best among the rest!


...the day I switched to Codero was the day of enlightenment. Their Support Team, Technical Team and Services are simply second to none.

  • Steve Stachini, Owner
  • JFK247
  • Valencia, Spain

Codero has been nothing short of a revelation. No more crowded servers, no phone support from a curt and less-than-friendly staff, no server crashes or downtime.


Moving my hosting needs to a Codero dedicated server has been one of the better decisions I've made for my business. server was compromised and your dedicated team went above and beyond to help me get a new server in place and bring a lot of the critical information back.


I have found Codero to be incredibly responsive to our business needs, and am quick to recommend them to business acquaintances of mine.


With a Codero hosting solution we can offer our customers close to 100% uptime, and the peace of mind that goes with SSAE 16 (SAS 70) certification, and a great certified support staff.


We chose Codero because of their rigorous business process standards and because they can offer us PCI compliant infrastructure management.

  • Arish Ali
  • Skava
  • San Francisco, CA

SeriousPayroll has a bright future, and Codero plays a big part in that.


At Tutor for Good, we provide free online math tutoring to students, regardless of grade level or household income.


I was assigned a task of finding a new data center and hosting services provider by my boss.


I have 2 servers with Codero and I can confirm that they have the best service coupled with the best affordability.

  • Dennis Lee
  • CoolAsia
  • Singapore, Malaysia

Codero’s reliability and performance helps make the Hard Drivin' Radio one of the BIGGEST and BADDEST stations on the Internet!


Codero is very responsive to any issues that arise and they have a very knowledgeable staff.


I have had the fastest servers yet, ZERO DOWNTIME, and best of all, my clients are happy with me again.


"Imagine going 2 years without having a server failure. We will definitely be working with Codero on future projects."


Our customers rely on us to manage and access their most important data. With a tradition of 100% customer satisfaction, we need someone that we can trust and that is why we chose Codero.